Fieldbus interfaces

Field distributors streamline drive connection with the power supply system, DC 24 V control voltage and fieldbus.
They are based on bus interface technology with additional connection technology for network distribution.
The field distributor is installed close to the motor, which facilitates decentralized installation.
Field distributors Z.1, Z.3 and Z.7 are availableas an option in an IP66 enclosure (protected against powerful water jets even if water
contains acidic or caustic additives).These field distributors arethe perfect match for MOVIMOT® and MOVI-SWITCH® for fast, economical and flexible
decentralization of your system.


K series (three-stage)

Helical-bevel gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE provide a high degree of efficiency of over 96% in both torque directions and at all input speeds.
With performance designed to last – high-endurance gearing enables high-torque, wear-free operation. With our remarkably efficient helical-bevel gearmotors,
you have energy-saving angular gear drives at your fingertips.A reduced backlash version is available for precise positioning tasks.
Available versions • Foot-mounted or flange-mounted • B5 or B14 flange-mounted • Solid or hollow shaft • Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disc,
splined hollow shaft or TorqLOC®